Avant l’Archipel


Lénaïque la Magnifique cries every day in order to nourish the dragon-fruit that grow in the orchard, on the peninsula. One Sunday like any other Sunday, the young woman goes to the market on the mainland to sell her precious produce. There, she meets Brévalaire Spectaculaire, a fine “knitter of allegorical tuques”. In an instant, within both of them, the dizzy feeling of an inextricable love is born

A true masterpiece of inventiveness, the play is characterized by a remarkably rich language, as vibrant as it is picturesque. Combining storytelling, improvisation, poetry and song, Avant l’Archipel (Countries Shaped Like Stars) transforms the audience members into active witnesses of the emotional upheaval linked to the first amorous stir.

FROM 3 – 25 MAY 2018

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Produced by
Théâtre français de Toronto
et L’Irréductible petit peuple
Written by
Emily Pearlman
Adapted by
Danielle Le Saux-Farmer
André Robillard
Directed by
Joël Beddows
Assisted by
Guillaume Saindon
Danielle Le Saux-Farmer
André Robillard
Music and lyrics
Nicolas Di Gaetano
Production team
Benoît Brunet-Poirier
Karyane Lachance
Céline Paquet
Katia Talbot
Lindsay Tremblay