Season brochure

Check out our season brochure for 2015/16.

Coordination : Esther Duquette / Design : Jennifer Greenhorn et Esther Duquette / Identity : Persona / Photos : Deux ans de votre vie, Lapin blanc, lapin rouge, Mathieu Mathématiques © Emily Cooper, 887 © Eric Labbé, Tu te souviendras de moi © Rolline Laporte, Ce monde-là © Robert Desroches

Craig Holzschuh presents the 2015/16 season

In this short video with English subtitles, Craig Holzschuh presents Théâtre la Seizième’s mainstage 2015/16 Season.


Director: Esther Duquette
Images: Emily Cooper, Jean Sébastien Côté, Claire Dietrich, Artv
With (in order of appearance): Craig Holzschuh, Julie Trépanier, Cory Haas, Gilles Poulin-Denis, Robert Lepage, Guy Nadon, Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez, Johanne-Marie Tremblay and Claude Despins.
Editing: Emily Cooper et Esther Duquette
Sound: Emily Cooper
Music: Alexis Messier
Design: Esther Duquette et Jennifer Greenhorn

Trailer : À toi, pour toujours, ta Marie-Lou

Fifteen seconds in the universe of our next production, À toi, pour toujours, ta Marie-Lou by Michel Tremblay.

Production and conception: Esther Duquette / Direction and video editing: Claire Dietrich / With France Perras / Music: Mishelle Cuttler / Design: Jennifer Greenhorn / Colouring : Thomas Lehout / Thank you to Emily Cooper and Justine Boirin

2014/15 Season Video

A whole year of amazing programming in one colourful minute.

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2014/15 Season Brochure

Our 2014/15 programming on paper.

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Des fraises en janvier : excerpts

Enter the airy world of Des fraises en janvier in this short video captured during the dress rehearsal. A glimpse of what awaits you at Studio 16 with, for soundtrack, the Coronation Mass by Mozart.

Trailer : Des fraises en janvier

Get a sweet preview of our upcoming production, Des fraises en janvier d’Evelyne de la Chenelière. The show will be presented at Studio 16 from February 18 to March 1, 2014.

Director and editor: Georges-Edouard Duquette
Actors: Julie Trépanier et Gilles Poulin-Denis
Director of Photography: Vincent Bourassa
Original Music: Mishelle Cuttler
Production, costumes and props: Esther Duquette
Artistic Director : Jennifer Greenhorn
Thank you to Jacques Poulin-Denis and Anne Mykytiuk for their contribution.

Trailer : Moi, dans les ruines rouges du siècle

In this short video, Les Trois tristes tigres presents excerpts from their production Moi, dans les ruines rouges du siècle.


Enter the world of our 2013-14 season in this 30 second video made by GED Film. (Sorry, in French only!)

Production Director : Sarah Mannering
Director and editor: Georges-Edouard Duquette
With: Virginie Ouelette
Director of Photography:: Vincent Bourassa
Original Music: Mishelle Cuttler
Accessories: Emmanuel Perron
Artistic Director : Thomas St-Hilaire (based on an original design by Jennifer Greenhorn)

Season Brochure

Browse our 2013-2014 season brochure online.

Design: Jennifer Greenhorn
Photos: Julie Artacho, Stéphanie Capistran-Lalonde, Emily Cooper, Pierre Desjardons, Jennifer Greenhorn, Sylvain Sabatié and Danny Taillon
Production: Esther Duquette / Théâtre la Seizième