Little Crème-Glacée who, ironically, is not allowed to eat any ice cream, is sick and tired of Madame Sa mère never having time to finish telling stories. Always very busy, Madame Sa mère must often leave her alone to go save the environment. She then uses a remote control to summon Samantha the sitter to look after her daughter. Because of her rebelliousness and her love of stories, Crème-Glacée disobeys her mom and ends up stuck at the bottom of the ice cream container… Between the strawberry and chocolate flavoured sections, she has a surprising encounter.

A fable with deliciously fanciful and colourful notes, Crème-Glacée plunges us in an ingenuous imaginary universe where a vivacious little girl is confronted with the more nuanced reality of the adult world.

APR 7, 2018
Studio 16 | 7 pm

APR 3 – JUNE 8, 2018

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Produced by
Théâtre la Seizième
Written by
Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon
Directed by
Marie Farsi
Sabrina Auclair
Marion Barot
Mariana Tayler
Production team
Mishelle Cuttler
Jeremy Baxter
Drew Facey
Shizuka Kai
Aidan Hammond