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With your donations, approximately 30,000 people in British Columbia enjoy quality shows in French every year. Thank you!

To keep on carrying out our projects and delivering both rich and diversified performances, we need you. Every one of your donations counts, each donation is precious. By giving, you contribute to the stability of the company, but also to the development of new projects, new initiatives, and new artworks.

Benefits for donors

  • Receive a tax receipt to claim on your tax return.
  • Your name published in our programs and on our web site.
  • Sponsor a performance.
  • Dedicate this performance to someone who is dear to you.*

* By request for gift of $300 (or $25 monthly) and more.

We offer theatre in French to hundreds of children that would otherwise not have access. Every year, your donations allow our company to offer discounted rates on shows for young audiences. We can present shows to a dozen hard-to-reach schools from the province’s northern and eastern areas for the same price charged to schools from the Vancouver region, despite the additional travel costs. Thanks to you!

We develop original work from local authors. Théâtre la Seizième supports the creation of French-language dramaturgy in Vancouver thanks to its author-in-residence program. These works allow our community to forge a common heritage and showcase our talent and ideas to theatre-goers across the country.

We sell happiness at a reasonable price. Theatre contributes to our community’s well-being, development and feelings of belonging. A recent study published by the London School of Economics states that, for its participants, going to the theatre represented the third-highest source of happiness! For this reason alone, we feel that, in the best of all worlds, everyone should have access to the theatre, regardless of their income. Your donations allow us to offer theatre tickets that are amongst the most affordable in the city.

We invest in the future. To compensate for the fluctuations in government funding, Théâtre la Seizième started an endowment fund in 2005, managed by the Vancouver Foundation. This permanent investment, maintained in part by your donations, exists to establish sound and safe long-term financial resources for the company.  The investment income earned through the endowment fund contributes directly to the creation of artistic works. And for every dollar invested, Heritage Canada contributes approximately 80 cents to the fund.

Anonyms (4), Hennie Abramowitz, Clarisse Beaudot, Stéphanie Beauvais,  Maryse Beaujeau-Weppenaar, Isabelle Côté, Diane Dagenais, Magali Forte, Johanne Fortin, Anne-Marie Gagné, Michel Gascon, Anne Gingras, Chantal Lavoie, Evelyne Leijens, Arnaud & Julie Mamias, Muriel Marc, Julie McIsaac, Charles Morin, Evelyne Neijens, Jeanne Ouellet, Danièle & Michel Poudenx, Kevin Tao, Elyse Therrien, Marie-Claude Tremblay, Sophie Vanasse & Hugues Lalancette.

Anonyms (4), Adriane Carr, Layne Carson, Michael Connidis & Roy Parrish, Diane Dagenais, Mylène Suzie Fortier, Francis Gagné, Ann Golinsky, Jane Heyman, Emilie Leclerc, Nicole Legault, Danielle Marcotte, Jane Heyman, Jean-Louis Roseberry, Magda Thériault, Elyse Therrien.

Michael Bosnell, Esther Duquette & Gilles Poulin-Denis, Julie Gillet, Yolaine Mottet, Denis Roux, Nicolas Schmitt, Marie-Claude Tremblay, Diana Whistler.

PATRONS’ CIRCLE ($600$ and above)
Madame de Bergerac, Lightburn Family Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation, Grazia Merler, France Perras, Bernard & Lorraine Portier, Raymond James Canada Foundation, Marie-Noelle Savoie, Jonathan Whistler & Joey Lespérance.


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