Studio 16, 8 PM


When a sexist joke goes viral on the Internet, Cedric loses his job at Hydro-Québec. With the help of his oh-so-evolved journalist brother, he starts writing a book… in order to discover the roots of his latent misogyny. His partner, a glum new mother, feels exasperated by all of this introspection… and throws herself into the startling therapeutic games devised by their babysitter, who revels in blowing up the roles they have all constructed for themselves.

Inspired by current events, Baby-Sitter is an outrageous and darkly hilarious comedy that cuts to the heart of feminism and all the confusion that surrounds it. While intelligently echoing the concerns of the #MeToo movement, the play also shakes up male-female relationships, asking: what are the limits of freedom of expression? And how do we deal with the labels that society imposes on us?


Production Théâtre Catfight
Text Catherine Léger
Direction Philippe Lambert
Cast David Boutin, Isabelle Brouillette, Victoria Diamond, Steve Laplante
Set and costume design Elen Ewing
Lighting design Étienne Boucher
Sound design Benoit Côté
Translation Chantal Bilodeau


226-1555, 7e Avenue Ouest
Vancouver, C.-B. V6J 1S1


Lundi au vendredi — 10h à 17h
Ouverture du guichet à 19h les soirs
de spectacle. Fermée lors des jours fériés.

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