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Le NoShow

How much are you willing to pay for your ticket to Le NoShow? As much as for a movie? A concert? An opera? Or… nothing at all? It’s up to you. And that’s only the first of many decisions you’ll be making throughout the evening… Your text messages will determine what Le NoShow will be!

Le NoShow welcomes you into an interactive experience that is both playful and politically relevant, and where the cost of theatre has to slug it out with its value as an art form. In this local adaptation of the international hit, seven fearless performers will shatter some of the taboos of Vancouver theatre with irreverent glee.


Production Théâtre la Seizième
in collaboration with Théâtre du Bunker and the Collective Nous Sommes ici
Original idea Alexandre Fecteau
Text François Bernier, Alexandre Fecteau, Hubert Lemire and the actors
Adaptation Hubert Lemire et François Bernier
Direction Hubert Lemire
Cast Chris Francisque, Siona Gareau-Brennan, Cory Haas, Emilie Leclerc, Nathan Metral, Frédérique Roussel, Anaïs West
Sound Olivier Gaudet-Savard
Lighting  Renaud Pettigrew, in collaboration with Jeremy Baxter
Video Marilyn Laflamme, in collaboration with Gaëtan Nerincx
Stage Manager Susan Miyagishima
Camera Gaëtan Nerincx


226-1555, West 7th avenue
Vancouver, C.-B. V6J 1S1

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