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de personne

Three friends are getting ready for Hallowe’en. Simone plans to dress as Sleeping Beauty and would love to make Philippe her Prince Charming, but he chooses instead to be a (pretty unconvincing) hunter. Eugénie, meanwhile, is disgusted with both of them for their stereotypical costumes. On the big night, the three of them go and party in an abandoned mansion in the middle of a mysterious forest. In the morning, however, they find they can’t get out: roots have grown over the doors. The party has turned into a not-very-magical fairy tale…

Princesse de personne is funny and entertaining: it also raises intelligent questions about consent, and about the social construction of gender. Just maybe all these stories about beautiful unconscious princesses being rescued by gallant knights might have something to do with our rigid ideas on male-female relations?


Production Théâtre la Catapulte (Ontario)
Text Pascale Renaud-Hébert
Direction Danielle Le Saux-Farmer
Cast Bénédicte Bélizaire, André Robillard and an actress
Sound Nick Di Geatano
Lighting Chantal Labonté
Costumes Judy deBoer
Set John Doucet
Producers Kyle Ahluwalia , Sophie Ducharme
Stage Manager Katie Rochford

Main Themes
  • Friendship
  • Sterotypes
  • Consent
  • Feminity and masculinity
  • First love
  • Fairy tales

Age Grade 9 to 12
Cost Early bird (until November 30) : $895 + tx Regular : $915 + tx
Duration About 60 minutes
Maximum number of students 350


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