Emerging from a period of mourning, Daniel returns to the museum he curates to discover it is on the brink of bankruptcy. As he searches for the next big idea to bring his workplace back to life, he finds a video wherein Catherine, one of his employees, describes her memories of a work which is no longer on show to a group of school children. This anecdote triggers an exhibit, and the exhibit becomes a huge hit. A meditation on perception, image and the marketing of intimacy, Traces humorously explores the grey zone between reality and fiction, art and products, as well as privacy and its place in the media. A memorable multidisciplinary and interactive adventure.


Production Théâtre la Seizième
Text & direction Craig Holzschuh & Anita Rochon
Cast Jessica Heafey, Joey Lespérance
Creative collaborators Jessica Heafey, Joey Lespérance, Gilles Poulin-Denis
Dramaturgic adivisor Brian Dooley
Production Team Julie Martens, Jeremy Baxter, Steve Charles, Corwin Ferguson, Noa Anatot, Geneviève Bolduc


226-1555, 7e Avenue Ouest
Vancouver, C.-B. V6J 1S1


Lundi au vendredi — 10h à 17h
Ouverture du guichet à 19h les soirs
de spectacle. Fermée lors des jours fériés.

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