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Berhnard lives with his uncle and aunt, and every day he walks five kilometres to get to school. One of the houses along the way belongs to Nettie, an old lady labeled a witch by the townspeople. One night, when during a terrible snowstorm Berhnard loses his way, who should save him but Nettie? The boy listens to the widow’s story, especially the part involving her son Bello, who also lost his way in the snow one night, and never came back. A singular friendship is struck, reconciling the past, transforming the present.

Co-Produced by Concrete Theatre et L’UniThéâtre
Written by  Vern Thiessen
Translated by Brian Dooley
Directed by  Mieko Ouchi
With Onika Henry, Julia Seymour and Zak Tardif
Production team Patrick Beagan and Corben Kushneryk

AGE 11 and under 
COST $885 + taxes
DURATION 45 minutes
MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS 350 per performance