Théâtre la Seizième would like to warmly thank all its donors and the 2016/2017 funding bodies.

Friends’ Circle ($1-119)
Anonymous (9), Clarisse Baudot, Rosanne Daguerre, Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Emilie Leclerc, Odette Morin, Kathryn Shaw.

Supporters’ Circle ($120-299)
Anonymous (2), Adriane Carr, Michael Connidis & Roy Parrish, Jane Heyman, Hugues Lalancette et Sophie Vanasse, Nicole Legault, Danielle Marcotte, Amy Peck, William Robertson, Jean-Louis Roseberry, Magda Thériault.

Ambassadors’ Circle ($300-599)
Michael Bosnell, Esther Duquette & Gilles Poulin-Denis, Cory Haas, Arnaud et Julie Mamias, Yolaine Mottet, Marie-Claude Tremblay, Diana Whistler.

Patrons’ Circle ($600 and above)
Anonymous (1), Madame de Bergerac, Craig & Kate Holzschuh, Lightburn Family Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation, France Perras, Spectra Energy, Jonathan Whistler & Joey Lespérance.