2015/16 Season

Deux Ans de Votre Vie

OCTOBER 13 TO 24, 2015
STUDIO 16 – 8 PM

Brigitte finds her brother hanging in a closet. He’s not dead, just a little twisted. Perfectly normal; everyone knows that single people want to kill themselves. Exasperated by her brother’s recurring crises, Brigitte decides to find him a partner. She manipulates Chloé, the first single person to cross her path, and forces her to sign a contract. Immediately her brother Jérémie moves in with Chloé – without warning – with his shirts, his habits, his needs and his culinary talents. And Chloé can’t do anything about it; she signed a contract, a real one with clauses, dates and those other official contractual things. But what’s surprising, is that it works. It’s love, just like you see in movies.

With Deux ans de votre vie, Quebecois playwright Rébecca Déraspe presents us with a dark and refreshing tale about finding love at any price.

Production: Théâtre la Seizième
Playwright: Rébecca Déraspe
Director: Craig Holzschuh
Performers: Cory Haas, Jessica Heafey and Julie Trépanier
Production team: Jeremy Baxter, Emily Cooper, Malcolm Dow,
Drew Facey and Rebecca Mulvihill
English translation (surtitles): Leanna Brodie

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It’s a unique style of writing, a truly new voice which does us a world of good.

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