2015/16 Season

Lapin blanc, lapin rouge

JANUARY 26 TO 30, 2016
STUDIO 16 – 8 PM

An actor stands on stage. He has just opened an envelope. He has never read the play that is in the envelope and has no idea what is coming. Naturally, he is a little nervous. He received a list of fourteen precise instructions written by Nassim Soleimanpour, an Iranian playwright. Nassim has refused to do his military service, and for that reason his passport has been taken away. Unable to leave his country, he wrote this play to travel the world. Tonight, he is speaking to you, through the body and the voice of this intrepid actor.

Each night a different actor gives himself over to this strange experience imagined by the author, pulling you with him into the limits of truth and the freedom of one’s conscience. Unpredictable and unforgettable, Lapin blanc, lapin rouge is a potent testament to the power of words, able to transcend borders and cultures, with or without a passport.

Production: Théâtre la Seizième, with Aurora Nova (Germany)
Playwright: Nassim Soleimanpour
Translation: Paul Lefebvre
Dramaturgy : Daniel Brooks and Ross Manson
Artistic Direction: Craig Holzschuh
A different actor for each performance:
Tues. Jan 26 – France Perras / Wed. Jan 27 – Cory Haas / Thur. Jan 28 – Lyne Barnabé /
Fri. Jan 29 – Marie Villeneuve / Sat. Jan 30 – Denis Bernard
Production team: Jeremy Baxter, Emilie Leclerc

… A theatrical version of Russian Roulette.

— Irish Theatre Magazine