Unité Modèle


Welcome to our model unit! We promise you an exceptional evening, the kind of evening that could change the course of your life. It’s a unique opportunity: this is your chance, to become the owner of a magnificent condo in the ambitious Diorama building project. Our two representatives will be your hosts for the evening and will devote all their energy to reveal to you the dream lifestyle that could be yours.

Combining interior finish and love story, Unité Modèle (Showroom) takes an objective and unsettling look at gentrification and our relationship with “image” through a game of mirrors that constantly alters reality.

With the support of

17 – 28 OCT, 2017
Studio 16 | 8 pm

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Meet the artists
October 20 – in French
October 25 – bilingual

English surtitles on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Saturday.

Produced by
Théâtre la Seizième
Written by
Guillaume Corbeil
Directed by
Philippe Cyr
Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin
Emilie Leclerc
Production team
Cande Andrade
Malcom Dow
Itai Erdal
Ashley Noyes
Manon Veldhuis
Surtitle translation
Anita Rochon
With the participation of
Finn Lefebvre-Gnam