Unité Modèle

17 – 28 OCT, 2017
Studio 16 | 8 pm

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“Director Philippe Cyr’s production is as sleek as a marble countertop.”
– The Georgia Straight


If you want to be seen to be really cool, cultured and bilingual, catch Unité Modèle (…). And let your friends know how good it is.”
– Jo Ledingham


Meet the artists
October 20 – in French
October 25 – bilingual

English surtitles on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Saturday.

Welcome to our model unit! Two realty representatives, the best you have ever met, are inviting you to a showing in the Diorama complex, a housing complex designed to meet absolutely all of your needs. Between projection and reality, between couple relationship and work relationship, these two present an ideal life, the life you are bound to be dreaming of. But the beautiful counters are not that sturdy, the love story not so perfect and tonight, the meticulously planned choreography, repeated hundreds of times before, is disrupted by some anomalies

Unité Modèle is a parody of the real estate market and everything superficial it wants to sell you. At once fanciful, well-paced and caustic, it’s a stage object that is trying too hard, like these representatives whose beyond-perfect smiles are not quite real.  

Produced by Théâtre la Seizième
Written by Guillaume Corbeil
Directed by Philippe Cyr
With Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Emilie Leclerc
Production team Cande Andrade, Malcom Dow, Itai Erdal, Ashley Noyes, Manon Veldhuis
Surtitle translation Anita Rochon
With the participation of Finn Lefebvre-Gnam